About us

We’re firmly established in the region

For decades, Caemmerer Lenz has been an address of choice for legal counsel in southwest Germany. Companies, municipalities, and other organizations in the region have continually found in us a strong and reliable partner – the over 40 attorneys, public accountants, and tax advisors here at Caemmerer Lenz. We combine experience with a drive for quality, all of which is rooted in our long tradition of entrepreneurial thinking and a forward-looking approach to giving counsel.

We've deep professional expertise

Our legal expertise has reach and depth. No other law firm in the region has as many specialist attorneys on staff as Caemmerer Lenz. Our work is characterized by ambition and endurance; we find interdisciplinary solutions that render tangible results for our clients, no matter how difficult the issue.

We’re about mutual trust

Long-term client relationships are part and parcel to our firm’s culture and thrive on close collaboration built on trust and confidence, the very asset we value most in advising our clients.

Our strength – communication

What sets us apart is the way we connect with our clients through especially effective and personal communication designed to address their individual situations. With our Hausanwaltsprinzip – our dedicated counsel principle – we guarantee that, despite being handled by highly specialized individuals, all the strands of your matter will converge at a single point of contact. As our client, you can rest assured that your dedicated contact truly understands you and your needs.

We do the day-to-day in business and regulation

We have a long history of acting as a kind of outsourced in-house counsel to companies, municipalities, and other organizations. We are insiders in a number of industries and can meet distinctive requirements, thanks to our high-level specialization. Our size makes us flexible; ergo: we can bridge any gaps that might arise in your legal department over the short-term.

Future matters, in our hands

Standard answers and automated processes are and will always be inadequate to meet market disruptions caused by megatrends like digitalization and globalization. We too are aware of that, and, in matters especially critical to your future, we harness our expertise across ecosystems to get a handle on any and all angles relevant to you and your future. In a word: we develop comprehensive approaches designed to find solutions with which business enterprises can navigate drastic market upheavals of the economic environment.

We’re international

Through our office in Basel, we have been intertwined with the Swiss economic space for more than 20 years now – a connection beneficial to a number of our clients. Basel is also home to our French Desk, and the fact that our advice spans three different countries makes us an attractive partner for the export-oriented economy. We handle international questions and issues by tapping into Eurojuris, our network of proven cooperation partners in 5o countries throughout the world.